Day 3 of FOSE

Today was the last day of FOSE. We heard from a  panel of Woman IT leaders, held great sessions and demos. Here is today’s social media recap.



Woman IT Leaders



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Day 2 of FOSE

Day 2 of FOSE  was jam packed with great keynotes, session and demos. Here is a social media view of the day in the life of FOSE.


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FOSE 2014: Day One

GovEvents Guest post:

May 13, 2014FOSE kicked off yesterday in Washington, D.C., offering more than 60 educational sessions covering 8 hot-button tracks: Cybersecurity, Cloud & Virtualization, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Mobile Government, Records & Information Management, Acquisition & Procurement, Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism and Project Management.

The morning opened with a keynote address from former National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon, who drew a large crowd as he explored an insider’s perspective on America’s foreign, defense & cyber policy. Donilon addressed multiple topics including: what a daily presidential briefing entails, how special forces played an integral role in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and the economic opportunities on the horizon relating to U.S.-China relations. Beth Cobert, Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget, continued the trend and provided a packed room with insights from the Office of Management and Budget.

Beyond the keynote speakers and conference sessions was the exhibit floor, where attendees could interact and discuss products, services and ideas with organizations offering technology-centric solutions. Many attendees participated in the Passport Giveaway, which required them to receive stamps from select exhibitors, and upon completion they were placed in a drawing for a Dell Tablet. The Passport Giveaway will continue on day two and three of FOSE, and each day a new winner will be announced.

Today, day two of FOSE, will offer the opening keynote from Ed Davis, Former Commissioner of the City of Boston Police Department, Richard Deslauriers, Former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Boston Division, and Colonel Timothy P. Alben, Massachusetts State Police Superintendent. They will share insights on how teamwork and partnering with the intelligence community (federal, state and local) and citizens across America helped capture the Boston Marathon bombers. There are also dozens of other exhibit hall activities and educational sessions specific to issues you may be having!

To access the full program agenda for FOSE 2014, please visit

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Ajay Budhraja Talks Open Data and Big Data – FOSE Conversation

(Please Note: All views and information expressed do not represent the positions and views of anyone else, any organization or any agency).

By DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA))

By DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA))

Guest Speaker  Ajay Budhraja will be talking about  Open Data and and Big Data Management, Trends, Innovation and Solution at FOSE this year. According to AJ, there is a big push on Open Data initiatives since this enables organizations to share data with partners and also build new innovative solutions. Open data maximizes value creation built on structured and unstructured data. Open Data initiatives should be based on technologies that can collect and cleanse data in a standardized manner so that it can be leveraged quickly and effectively. Open Data strategy and initiatives should also define specific requirements of what data will be made available based on the utility of that information. The opening of data has many benefits including the analysis of patterns and determination of trends. The effective analysis of data including the ability to determine trends can lead to significant benefits, efficiency and cost savings and has application in many industries. Open data facilitates transparency, lower integration costs and enhanced collaboration among partners.

With Big Data management techniques, organizations can process unstructured information and determine trends and patterns. The drivers for these technologies are social networks, proliferation of devices such as tablets and phones. With the explosion of large and unstructured information, there has been an increasing need to process such data effectively.The ability to process unstructured information, also results in finding out patterns that can then be further analyzed. In addition, there should be an emphasis on service integration and interoperability to include relational data, unstructured data and other data sources.

With the explosion of large and unstructured information, there has been an increasing need to process such data effectively.

As the source of data, data sets provide the rich capability of information that can be used to build new applications. The challenge is to filter useful information from the huge data sets and render it in a meaningful manner. In addition, from a security and privacy perspective, opening up sensitive data has to be done in a controlled manner to prevent data breaches. For example provides data sets and guidance to enhance public access and has thousands of data sets ranging from climate to food data. The data sets are organized in a catalog that can be searched. This also makes data available in multiple formats and hence strongly supports the notions of data transparency and accessibility.

There has also been an evolution of Enterprise Data sets that are standard, reusable data sets at the organization levels. These data sets also support consistency across analytic processes that can result in substantial reuse and cost savings.  As a result, different analytic processes can leverage the same metrics and other attributes. Many of these data sets are hosted on robust and scalable Cloud solutions to leverage capabilities that can be elastically provisioned to scale up and down based on the demand. Big Data and Open Data will continue to have huge impacts on the storage and management of data across organizations.


aj_jpegAjay Budhraja has over 23 years in Information Technology with experience in areas such as Executive leadership, management, strategic planning, enterprise architecture, system architecture, software engineering, training, methodologies, networks, databases, etc. Ajay has provided Senior Executive leadership for nationwide and global programs and has implemented integrated Enterprise Information Technology solutions. He has a Masters in Engineering (Computer Science), Masters in Management and Bachelors in Engineering.Ajay is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), US Department of Justice component led large scale projects for big organizations and has extensive IT experience related to telecom, business, manufacturing,       airlines, finance and government. 

Helping Govies Support the Capital Area Food Bank


Did you know that nearly 700,000 of our neighbors in the Washington metro area are at risk of hunger? FOSE is partnering once again with the Capital Area Food Bank on a food drive initiative to help those facing hunger.

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The mission of the Capital Area Food Bank is to feed those who suffer from hunger in the Washington metro area by acquiring food and distributing it through its network of partner agencies; and educating, empowering and enlightening the community about the issues of hunger and nutrition.

For every tweet/share with #FOSEFOOD14, FOSE will donate a meal to the Capital Area Food Bank between now and May 9, 2014.

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Thanks to everyone who spread the word! We donated 100 meals to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Also, don’t forget to bring non-perishable food to FOSE, May 13-15 to Capital Area Food Bank Booth #537. Not sure what to bring? Here is the list of the most needed items: All food donations will be donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.

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